Does Yogurt Go Bad?

Does yogurt go bad or not? How do you tell if yogurt has gone bad and sour? How should you even store Yogurt? Here is a short guide with all the answers.

With healthy and active cultures, yogurt is one of the most used dairy products. So, you stocked up on yogurt, and it’s been a week or two since you last used it. Here you are, wondering: Does yogurt go bad? 

Simple answer: Yes! If your unopened yogurt passed the expiry date on the label, then you should discard it. If you’ve already opened your yogurt, on the other hand, expect it to last a week in the refrigerator.  

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How To Tell If Your Yogurt Is Off

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Your senses can help you in testing yogurt for usability with the help of the following key signs:

  • Taste change: If your yogurt tastes sour or funny, then it’s high time you discard it. Even so, it smells okay.
  • Unusual smell: You can also give the yogurt a good sniff to get the measure of it. If it smells sour or stale, then getting rid of the yogurt will be a good idea.
  • Look for mold, liquid, and discolorations: If you see any of these signs, play it safe and chuck your yogurt. Don’t be tempted to spoon out the bad part – because yogurt is liquid, bacteria spreads through it fast.
  • Change in texture: Curdling should be a sign enough for you to get rid of the yogurt. Hence, any extra texture on the creamy and smooth yogurt should indicate that it is past its prime.

One thing to note – a little liquid on top is fine. But an unusual amount of liquid is a sign of spoilage. If in doubt, chuck it out!

How To Store Your Yogurt For A Longer Life

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Cutting food costs, healthy eating, and protecting the environment are some benefits of proper food storage.

Storing your yogurt in a refrigerator also helps preserve the taste in the long-run. However, keeping it for too long can adversely affect your health.

You can help the yogurt retain its freshness and stay odorless with a tight cover. If you’re using it within a day, an aluminum foil cover will be enough to keep the yogurt moist. Otherwise, an airtight container or mason jar will be a better solution.

How long it takes for yogurt to go bad without refrigeration?

While there is no set duration, but it can range from an hour to a few hours.

Here’s the deal: the crucial factor in keeping the yogurt from going bad is the temperature. Therefore, limiting the time it stays outside the fridge will prove useful.

So, no staying out for hours, especially if the temperature is high!

How Long Is Yogurt’s Shelf Life?

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It’s tough to pinpoint the specific shelf life for yogurt because there are so many different varieties, flavorings, and preservatives included. Therefore, your best bet is to go by the best-by or expiry date on the packaging.

Once you’ve opened your yogurt, you should use it within a week after opening. To enjoy your yogurt at its best quality, you should try to consume the whole pot within 3-5 days.

Now: Although you should go by the expiry date and 3-5 day limit after opening yogurt, you can extend your yogurt’s life by storing it properly. (Missed that? Scroll up!)

Key Takeaway

Before digging in, you should focus on proper storage conditions to avoid any unnecessary foodborne illness. In contrast to the opened container, unopened containers ensure shorter spoilage duration. Also, the growth rate for bacteria is higher in fruit and sugar-added yogurts.

So, what’s the bottom line?

With a proper focus on temperature and usability duration, it will be far better to finish the leftovers within seven days after opening. Any suspicion in smell, taste, and texture should be enough for discarding the yogurt.

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