Does Sour Cream Go Bad?

Does sour cream go bad or not? How long does sour cream last and how do you tell if sour cream has gone bad? Here are the answers you are looking for.

Who doesn’t love some good old sour cream and chives, especially as a chip dip? Or just the added creaminess and richness that sour cream gives almost any dish, like a baked potato or a soup.

So you’re just about ready to enjoy and add a dollop of sour cream to your meal, but then you remember how long you’ve kept it in the fridge.

Now you’re wondering: “has my sour cream gone bad?”

Here are the need-to-knows: if there’s any dark mold on the surface, has an off-color, and a sharp, bitter flavor, it is time to get rid of your sour cream.

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Signs Your Sour Cream Has Gone Bad

sour cream in bowl and spoon

It’s good to check your sour cream for spoilage, whether it’s open or not. As with most dairy items, be mindful. Look out for these indications of spoilage:

  • An off smell that isn’t how your sour cream usually smells. You’ll probably notice a mold or rancid smell if there’s something wrong.Your sour cream has gone rancid when the fats in it have reacted with the oxygen in the air – that will make it smell and taste bitter. It’s not dangerous to eat, but you won’t enjoy it!
  • If there is mold on the surface of your sour cream or container, discard the whole container. Why? Because the mold may have extended further than you’re able to see.
  • If your sour cream is no longer white but more of a yellow color, this indicates that there might be significant growth of bacteria or fungi.
  • If there is an off taste, like an unusually sour taste, don’t use the sour cream.

How To Store Sour Cream

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Remember: keep your sour cream sealed tightly once it is opened. If the container does not seal properly, use a separate airtight container like a mason jar.

If you are thinking of freezing sour cream to keep it fresh, don’t. Like many dairy products, sour cream separates when thawed. This results in a lumpy texture and loss of quality.

One more tip is to use clean utensils when serving your sour cream. By doing so, you avoid any contamination or transfer of bacteria to the sour cream.

No more double-dipping!

The Shelf Life Of Sour Cream

mashed potato with sour cream

Like most dairy products, sour cream does not last too long. Unopened or opened, sour cream can last for up to 2 weeks after the sell-by-date as long as it has been stored in the fridge.

You should always check your sour cream’s color, smell, and texture in case there are any contaminants that may have caused it to spoil.

In Conclusion

Sour cream usually lasts up to 2 weeks past its expiration date. It retains its quality for up to 2 weeks once opened. However, always inspect your sour cream for any possible spoilage.

Sour cream’s tart richness and creaminess are perfect for toppings and sauces. So follow our storage advice and make sure it doesn’t go bad!

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