Does Sesame Oil Go Bad?

Does sesame oil go bad or not? Is it like other oils? How should you store sesame oil? Here's the best and simplest guide you'll ever need.

Worried that your sesame oil has gone bad?

Well, don’t sweat it. Today’s article is short and sweet – and that’s a reflection on the simplicity of storing sesame oil and telling if it’s gone bad.

Want the super-short summary?

Sesame oil should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place before it’s opened. After you’ve opened the bottle, keep it in the refrigerator for the longest storage life (a whole year!).

If you’re worried your sesame oil has gone bad, give it a smell and a taste – any bitterness, and that means your sesame oil has gone rancid.

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The Signs That Sesame Oil Has Gone Bad

sesame oil in bowl

First things first. Your sesame oil probably won’t go bad, as in moldy.

Instead, your sesame oil will go rancid after a while. Rancidity is a term used to describe food that’s changed in odor and has a bitter taste. These effects are caused by oils and fats oxidizing, reacting with the oxygen in the air.

While rancidification isn’t unsafe, you won’t want to use rancid oil as it will ruin your whole dish!

It’s pretty easy to tell if your oil has gone rancid. First up, smell it. Any weird odors and it’s time for the bin. If you don’t smell anything, feel free to taste a little. If it’s rancid, you’ll know about it!

Storage Recommendations For Sesame Oil

sesame oil and sesame seeds

Once you know how to store one vegetable oil, you know how to store them all.

Just like every other vegetable oil, you should store your sesame oil in the pantry or kitchen cupboard. Just make sure it’s away from light and heat sources.

Once you’ve opened your sesame oil, reseal it tightly. If you’re planning to use it within six months, you’re fine to chuck it back in the cabinet.

Any longer than six months, and you should store your sesame oil in the refrigerator.

Now: it’s not a good idea to freeze your sesame oil. It will become thick and unusable, and you’ll have to warm it up first.

Storage Periods For Sesame Oil

sesame oil in jug and sesame seeds

Your sesame oil will come with a best-by date. To benefit from that delicious nutty flavor, you should use it by this date.

However, unopened sesame oil, provided it’s been stored in decent conditions, as specified above, should last one year after the expiration date.

Once your sesame oil has been opened, you should use it within six months if stored in the pantry and one year if stored in the refrigerator.

Of course, there’s some common sense to be used here. If you’ve just opened a bottle of sesame oil that’s a year past its expiration date, don’t expect it to last another year in the refrigerator.

Sesame Oil: The Key Takeaways

Here are the key points to note when it comes to sesame oil storage:

  • Store sesame oil like any other vegetable oil. Before opening, it should go in the pantry. Afterward, you can choose between the pantry or the refrigerator – the latter if you want your oil to last longer!
  • Check for signs of rancidity to tell if your sesame oil has gone bad.
  • Unopened sesame oil should be okay a year after its best-by date.

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