Does Pancake Mix Go Bad?

Does pancake mix go bad or not? How do you tell if some pancake mix has gone bad and how should you store pancake mix? Here are the answers you need.

Did you have a delicious pancake at your friend’s house and were tempted to buy a large pack of pancake mix? And now you’re wondering how to use it optimally!

Or maybe you used an old pack of pancake mix, and the pancakes did not turn out to be fluffy and nice. Does it imply that the powder is spoiled? You may be curious to know – Does pancake mix go bad?

Here’s some good news. The shelf life of pancake mix is quite long. As it is a dry powder, it does not deteriorate quickly. It contains flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, and baking soda. They remain usable for a very long time.

Many brands add dehydrated dairy products, milk, and vegetable oils that last longer. Some manufacturers even add preservatives and antioxidants that prevent oxidation.

TLDR: If you do not expose your pancake mix to moisture in the air, it will last for more than 3-6 months past the Best-Before date.

Still not sure whether your pancake mix is good or bad?

You can read on to know the signs of spoilage, the best ways of storing it, and how long you can expect it to be in proper condition!

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How To Know If Pancake Mix Has Gone Off

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Your pancake mix is safe until some moisture enters the package. If this happens, wet clumps may form, or there may be mold growth. You can check its color, texture, and flavor to determine if it is spoiled.

The signs of spoilage include:

  • clumps
  • moldy smell
  • blue-green patches

If there are no such signs, why not make just 1 or 2 pancakes with the mix and check?

Are they flat, dense, and tasteless? You surely don’t want to make unpalatable pancakes! Go ahead and discard the mix.

How To Store Pancake Mix

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The pancake mix has to be in a cool, dry place, just like other dry items such as flour, cake mix, and baking soda. So if you haven’t opened your package of pancake mix, put it in your pantry. After opening it, you can find a place for it in your kitchen cupboard.

Tip: To maximize its shelf life, transfer it to an airtight container after opening the package. You can also allow the mix to remain in the original packaging and place it in one resealable bag.

Remember: Always keep the mix in a tightly sealed container or package. Moisture is its biggest foe!

You can even keep it in the fridge or store it in your freezer. Probably, it will remain fresh for some more time. But most people prefer to keep it at ordinary room temperature.

How Long Does Pancake Mix Last

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You can look at the Best Before date given on the package to know how long it will retain its freshness.

The mix has some limitations. Usually, dry cooking items can stay in proper condition even after the date of expiry. But pancake mix contains a leavening agent that loses its potency with time. Moreover, if you use the powder after a very long period, it will not taste as good as before.

No worries, this happens only when you use the pancake mix after a year from the Use-Before date!

Both opened as well as unopened pancake mix has the same shelf life. Just make sure your pancake mix does not encounter any exposure to moisture. You will be able to use it for 3 to 6 months after the Best Before date.

The Bottom Line On Pancake Mix

Always keep your pancake mix in a cool and dry area. You can keep the sealed packages of the powder that you have not opened in your pantry. It can also be kept in airtight containers inside the kitchen cabinet or on the counter.

If you store it properly, it can retain its quality for nearly 12 months.

Myth: Do not be misled by the myth that using pancake mix after the expiry date can kill people.

Fact: An old package of the mix is not poisonous. But it can cause an allergic reaction if it contains mold spores and you have a mold allergy.

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