Does Nutella Go Bad?

Does Nutella go bad or not? How long can Nutella last and is it safe to eat Nutella past its BBD? Here are the answers you seek.

Who doesn’t love Nutella?

What makes Nutella tasty isn’t just its sugar and fats but the rich chocolate – from pancakes to filling for your favorite sandwich, Nutella is the go-to spread.

But you’ve just dug up this tasty treat from the back of your cupboard and are left wondering: does Nutella go bad?

The bad news is: Nutella does go bad.

The good news is: we’ll explain how to store Nutella and how long you can expect it to last.

It’s important you can spot whether your pot of Nutella is off, as it may be unsafe to eat.

In a hurry? The headlines are:

  • Nutella is susceptible to going rancid, so keep a nose out for any weird smells.
  • Try to keep your jar of Nutella in a cool, dark place, away from any sources of heat and sunlight. That means the pantry or kitchen cabinet is the best place to go!
  • Always check the best-before date on the lid of your Nutella, but if you want an estimate: the spread lasts roughly twelve months after opening.
  • However, after six months in the cabinet, your Nutella may lose its prior freshness.

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Signs Your Nutella Has Gone Bad

jar of nutella with toast and milk

So you’re having a staring match with your seven-month-old Nutella, and you’re wondering: how do I tell if it’s off?

There are quite a few ways of knowing whether your Nutella is off, and here are some of them:

  • Texture. Your Nutella should be soft and creamy, but if it’s started to, or is already, harden and dry, then you know it’s time to bin it! This is caused by the oils in the Nutella evaporating, causing the substance to crack and become crusty.
  • The smell. Nutella contains a lot of oil, which means that it can go rancid. Though rancid oils aren’t dangerous to ingest, it doesn’t mean your Nutella won’t taste horrible.
  • Growth of mold or bacteria.
  • Taste. Nutella deteriorates in quality over time, so give it a lick. If it’s not up to par, then it’s time to purchase a new jar.

But there’s something you don’t understand: what’s that thin layer of film on the top of my Nutella?

This could look like a clear liquid, and don’t worry, this is a natural occurrence.

After Nutella has been stored for a long time, the oil rises to the surface. If that happens, simply stir the spread to get it back to top-notch quality.

Finally, if the jar of Nutella has been open for a long time, like 1-2 years, we recommend discarding it for safety issues.

Pro Top Tip: when scooping out some more Nutella from the jar, remember to use clean and dry utensils.

Using something like a dirty spoon can cause bacteria to transfer onto your Nutella and speed up the molding process.

How To Store Nutella

jars of nutella

Nutella should be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from any sunlight or heat sources. This could be anywhere between approximately 64F to 68F and somewhere like your pantry or kitchen cabinet.

You might be thinking: should you put your Nutella in the refrigerator? The answer is a certain no.

Refrigeration can do more harm to your Nutella than good. Putting your Nutella in the fridge causes the chocolate to solidify and render it unusable.

How Long Does Nutella Last

spooning some nutella out

Nutella has a shelf life of approximately eleven to twelve months. However, always be sure to check the expiration date or best-before date on the jar.

The Nutella could have been sitting on the shop shelf for weeks before you bought it.

So…Does Nutella Go Bad?

The answer is yes, Nutella does go bad.

But there are many ways to preserve and protect your Nutella, so it can last longer, like storing it in a cool dark area of the house, such as the kitchen cabinet or pantry.

If you do this, your Nutella can last for up to twelve months!

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