Does Gatorade Go Bad?

Does Gatorade go bad or not? Is it safe to consume Gatorade past its BBE and if so, how long? Find all the answers that you are looking for in this guide.

You’ve bought yourself a huge multipack of Gatorade at a discount, and now you’re home from the grocery store, wondering:

Wait, how long does Gatorade last? Where do I keep it?

Don’t stress, because this article has you sorted with everything you need to know about:

  • How to tell if your Gatorade’s gone bad
  • How to store your Gatorade to make sure it stays good for longer
  • How long you can expect your Gatorade to last
  • The differences between liquid and powdered Gatorade

The short answer: Gatorade is shelf-stable, meaning it will keep for years at room temperature. However, opened Gatorade will go bad in about a week.

How To Tell If Your Gatorade Is Off

bottles of gatorade

Spoiler alert: Gatorade most definitely goes bad.

The best way to check is by pouring some into a clear glass and checking if there are any changes in color, sediment, and smell. Unlike other products like cottage cheese, Gatorade is mass-produced, meaning the appearance and texture should be the same in every bottle.

That makes it much easier to spot a bottle of Gatorade that’s not okay to drink anymore.

If your Gatorade looks and smells fine, but you’re still suspicious, give it a little sip. Don’t worry – having a little Gatorade that’s off won’t do you any damage.

As for powdered Gatorade, look for any mold on the tub or in the powder. Lumps are a sign that moisture has gotten into the tub, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, if you find any clumps of powder, throw the whole tub in the bin instead of just picking out or trying to separate the lumps.

How To Store Gatorade

gatorade gx

The good news?

Gatorade is super easy to store. Before you open the bottle, leaving it at room temperature is alright, although ideally, you’ll find somewhere cool, dark, and dry, like a cupboard or pantry.

Once you’ve opened your bottle, make sure you reseal it well and store it in the refrigerator. If you don’t like it cold, then allow it to warm up for 30 minutes before you drink it.

That said, if you plan to drink your bottle of Gatorade all in a day, leaving it on your desk or countertop will be fine.

With powdered Gatorade, keep it in a pantry, away from light and heat sources. Once you’ve opened the tub, moisture in the air will inevitably seep in. Therefore, consider transferring it into an airtight container to stop moisture from getting in and bacteria from growing.

How Long Gatorade Lasts

shelves of gatorade in bottles

Since Gatorade is a brand, we can confidently say that every Gatorade bottle comes with a best-by date on the neck. If you want to stay safe, go by this date.

However, Gatorade is shelf-stable, meaning you can leave it at room temperature. Its slow aging process means it will easily last 2-3 years after the best-before date, although the quality will definitely deteriorate.

Once your Gatorade is opened, it will last 1-3 days on the counter and 7-10 days in the refrigerator.

As for powdered Gatorade, it will last for two years past its best-by date as long as you’ve stored it in a cool, dark pantry. Once opened, the tub’s seal is broken, meaning you should finish the powder within six months.

The Verdict on Gatorade

Here’s a rundown of the key takeaways:

  1. Liquid Gatorade has gone bad if there’s any sediment or it’s changed in color, smell, or taste.
  2. You can tell if powdered Gatorade has gone bad by checking for lumps and mold.
  3. You should keep unopened Gatorade bottles and powdered Gatorade in the pantry.
  4. Store your open Gatorade bottle in the refrigerator.

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