Does Coconut Oil Go Bad?

Does coconut oil go bad or not? Eventually, it will but how do you tell if your olive oil has gone bad and how should you store olive oil? Here is a guide.

Coconut oil has many health benefits, such as lowering the chances of getting heart disease, protecting skin, hair, and teeth, and encouraging the body to burn fat, making it a must-have in your home.

There is even evidence to suggest it can aid brain function in people with milder forms of Alzheimer’s!

Coconut oil has a relatively long shelf life, but the short answer to whether coconut oil can go bad or not is: yes, eventually, it will spoil if kept around for too long.

If you have a stash of coconut oil hidden away in your pantry or cupboard and can’t remember when you bought it, you might be wondering whether you can keep it for longer or need to chuck it.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to tell if your coconut oil has gone off!

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How Do I Know My Coconut Oil Has Gone Bad?

two bottles with coconut oil and some coconut shells

First, let’s define what good coconut oil is. The smell is faint, reminiscent of fresh coconut, and it should be a misty, translucent white color.

If your coconut oil has these qualities, you can keep it for longer and reap those health benefits!

You will know if your coconut oil has gone rancid if it turns a pale yellow. A strange smell will also emanate from it, and it may clump together in chunks.

If it’s really bad, mold will start to appear on the surface in the form of tiny green and brown dots. If you find mold present, the entire jar is unusable, and it is definitely time to discard it.

Now coconut oil can sometimes be expensive, so there’s nothing more annoying than finding it has gone bad. Read on for some tips on how best to store it.

How Do I Store My Coconut Oil?

coconut oil in glass container and coconut shells

The shelf life of coconut oil is about two years, meaning it can be easy to forget how long it has left before it spoils. If you can’t remember when you bought it, check the best-by date.

Keep it stored at room temperature in a sealed, preferably airtight, jar because oxygen speeds up the deterioration process quicker than heat.

You might be wondering: is it okay if the coconut oil has completely liquefied?

Yes, it’s not necessarily bad! Coconut oil has a low melting point of 76°F, meaning it’s likely to turn liquid during hotter months. Just ensure there are no signs it’s gone off, and keep it stored in your pantry or kitchen cupboard.

In fact, your coconut oil does not need to be stored in your fridge. Doing so will make it harder to use because colder temperatures make coconut oil rock solid. Your safest bet, as mentioned, is to keep it in a cupboard, make sure it’s sealed, and use it before the best-by date.

What Can I Get Out Of My Coconut Oil?

bottle and jar of coconut oil

Looking for some ideas on what to use your coconut oil for? The great thing about it is it can be used for many purposes because of its various health benefits. Check out the list below for some inspiration:

  • Healthy alternative to other cooking oils – the wonderful thing about coconut oil is it reduces hunger, which means calorie intake is fewer than, say, vegetable oil. You can heat it at a high temperature and use it for frying foods.
  • Haircare – apply it to hair (even eyelashes!) to reduce damage and stimulate hair growth.
  • Moisturizer – not only can coconut oil moisturize dry skin, but it also protects against UV rays.
  • Makeup remover – coconut oil is effective at removing eye makeup. Simply get some onto a cotton pad and gently dab it around your eyes. With its smooth texture, it will easily remove mascara or eyeliner while also soothing the surrounding skin.

You can do lots of other stuff with coconut oil for better health. In summary, coconut oil helps in many ways, so buy it before it goes bad!

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