Do Blackberries Go Bad?

Do blackberries go bad or not? How do you tell if blackberries have gone bad and how should you store blackberries? Here is the ultimate guide.

Have you brought too many blackberries home, and now they’re starting to look less fresh than before?

You’re probably wondering: Have my blackberries gone bad? How long do they last?

Here’s the deal on blackberries. Blackberries don’t have a long shelf life. They only keep fresh for 4-7 days if stored properly.

Signs Blackberries Have Spoiled

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With time, blackberries will become less plump and lose their dark hue. They will also feel soft when touched. Even though these blackberries are not at their best state for eating raw, they are still safe to use in smoothies, jam, or fruit salads.

Sure signs that you should throw out your blackberries include an off-smell, a sign of slime, or crushed blackberries. If you find any presence of mold on your blackberries, it’s time to get rid of them.

Storing Blackberries

When it comes to the storage of blackberries, the first thing you should do is get rid of any damaged or moldy blackberries in your package of blackberries. The microorganisms may spread onto the rest of your blackberries and spoil them.

Wash your blackberries as you use them. This keeps excess moisture out of your container of blackberries. You can, however, wash off your blackberries the minute you get home and dry them thoroughly before storage.

Blackberries can be stored at room temperature if you plan on using them the same day. If you want them to last longer, store them in the fridge.

When storing blackberries in the fridge, make sure the container is well-ventilated. Use paper towels to absorb excess moisture. This step will keep your blackberries fresh for another 4-5 days. Be sure to protect your blackberries from getting crushed by keeping them in a sturdy container. 

Can You Freeze Blackberries?

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Blackberries freeze well and will keep them fresh for a longer period. Here’s what you need to do to dry-freeze your blackberries.

Wash your blackberries, and dry them for 15-30 minutes by placing them on paper towels. Give them an extra pat dry to thoroughly absorb all moisture. Then place your berries in a single layer on a baking sheet, so they don’t touch one another. Put the baking sheet into the freezer. Once they have frozen, transfer your blackberries to a freezer bag or freezer-friendly container, and back into the freezer they go. Now they’re ready for use.    

How Long Do Blackberries Last?

Like most fruits, blackberries don’t last long. If stored at room temperature, blackberries can keep fresh for 1-2 days.

Blackberries can stay fresh for 4-7 days if stored in the fridge. However, try to use them within 3-5 days for their best quality.    

Health Benefits Of Blackberries

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Blackberries have an array of health benefits. They are rich in vitamin C, which helps to form collagen in bones, connective tissue, and blood vessels. Blackberries are high in fiber, help to reduce cholesterol, promote regular bowel movements, and control blood sugar levels.

Overall, blackberries help with brain health and oral health. They are a good source of vitamin K, which primarily helps your blood clot. Another mineral in blackberries is manganese which is vital to healthy bones and a healthy immune system.   

The Verdict On Blackberries

Blackberries are similar to raspberries. The difference is that blackberries have larger seeds, and the stem remains attached when picked. Unlike in a raspberry. Here are more facts about blackberries to read while you munch on your blackberries.

Blackberries only last for 4-7 days in the fridge, so keep an eye out for any signs of spoilage. These include mold, an off smell, slime, or crushed berries.

Also, be on the lookout for signs of decreased quality, such as a loss of color and plumpness. Freezing your blackberries is a great option to keep them in storage for longer.

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