Strategic Acquisitions

Go Bad Or Not strives to make it easy for people to find out storage and freshness information about food and drinks. We also feature guides on how to store different kinds of food.

We’ve got everything you need about these topics and we strive to cover every food, liquid and other consumables out there. We use public and trusted sources only.

As a catalyst, we acquire different digital assets to reach our mission goal faster. We only acquire relevant digital assets and in agreement with the previous owners as they share the same vision.

For instance, we have acquired Explain Health from M.D. Peter Sedesse, who has agreed to edit all the articles here as they are a good fit for his expertise.

This page simply acts as the permanent home of all acquisitions that we make. We appreciate you.

If you want to read some of the articles that we are most proud of, we’ve curated a list below:

From Our Blog:

Eat with care!