Hi there. My name is Michelle and I’m the editor around here.

Michelle Olsen
Hey, that’s me!

I seriously hate wasting food. Who doesn’t? You can save a lot of money by storing food and beverages properly and by knowing when it’s still safe to eat or drink them.

As a result, I decided to create GoBadOrNot. As it turns out, a lot of people (me included) do not know if and when consumables go bad.

My team and I spend a lot of time researching credible sources in order to find the information we present on this website. I always link to the source of the information as I find it important that the reader can do additional research if needed.

You may ask if I’m a dietician or a doctor, but I’m not. You don’t need a degree to write about whether or not food goes bad as long as you cite your sources properly. I also provide tips on how to store the food or beverage in question, and whether or not you can freeze it.

We do update our posts from time to time as we get hold of more information now and then or decide to do an update-check on a post because there has been a discovery.

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